A Quick 2013 Recap and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2013 was a year of change. It started off good with officially setting my wedding date for October 4, 2014, but quickly went through a sharp turn with a concussion and getting laid off. It was really  hard for me to focus on wedding planning when all I could think about and spend my time doing was trying to find a job. The job market is so competitive and there are so many talented individuals to compete with. This was a really great learning experience for me because I got to learn how to prepare better for life and realize I shouldn’t take my work for granted.  While I was looking for full time work, I got to intern part time for a very cool start up company in Boston.  I really loved being there, but I needed to be somewhere full time with health benefits in order to be able to afford living and saving for my honeymoon. After tons of interviews and heartbreak, even applying to jobs out of state, I finally got two job offers at the same time. It’s funny how things work out that way.  I accepted a full time job at a software company in Boston. I started in November and I’m so thankful I can now finally relax a little and focus on some more wedding stuff! I applied to TONS of jobs in Seattle in addition to jobs in Boston, Cali, and NYC. All I got was radio silence (for the most part) from everywhere outside of Boston.  I really do still want to move to Seattle with Kraig. I think it will be really hard to move away from my friends and family that I love so much, but now is the time to do it. We don’t have kids and don’t own property yet. I really love the PNW and it has been my dream for a few years now to move there and explore every in and out of it.   Regardless, I’m so happy that I’m back in the work force and I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!!

New Years Eve was spent at my friend Meghan’s house. Meghan was so nice to host a Murder Mystery Themed NYE party for our friends. We all had fun partying into the new year. I’m so thankful I have such great friends.


photo 2

photo 4

I guess my 2014 goal to take better pictures will have to start after this party. Iphone photos are blur city.  Bring on 2014!

Detroit Wedding in October 2013.

Upon arriving in the Midwest, Kraig and I drove to Zingerman’s to get a famous sandwich as seen in the movie The 5 Year Engagement.  I have to admit that after driving around for an hour to find a parking spot, waiting in a long line to order a sandwich, and then waiting a substantial amount of additional time to get our sandwiches, I was a little disappointed in what I got. The sandwich was good, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way for this place. It’s worth checking out if the crowds are under control when you’re in the area.

The next day we got to explore some of Detroit. We went to Green Dot Stables for lunch.  I found this place through internet stalking where Anthony Bourdain ate while he was in Detroit filming a show. The sliders, kale salad, fries, beers, and service were all awesome. Our waiter was super friendly and helpful with suggestions of places to check out as tourists with a few hours to spare before a wedding. We ended up viewing The Heidelberg Project which was a bittersweet experience.

photo 5

photo 8

photo 7

photo 6

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

After checking out The Heidelberg Project, we got ready for a BEAUTIFUL wedding. There was wonderful food, friendly people, jaw-dropping flowers, and a live band! We had a blast and we’re so happy we got to have this awesome experience.

Chicago and Wisconsin September 2013

Kraig’s cousin Gretchen got married in Milwaukee in September.  We had plans to fly into Chicago two days early, explore the city and catch up with a friend living in Chicago before we drove our rental car to Milwaukee. A bunch of flight delays resulted in less than 24 hours in Chicago with a brief drive through tour of the city.

photo 1

Lou’s Pizza looked good, but the taste was just okay. It didn’t meet my deep dish expectations for Chicago.

photo 2 - Copy

We spent our time catching up with some old friends and then hit the road again the next day to visit our friend Vera in Madison, Wisconsin. Vera’s in veterinary school and we don’t get to see her much, so it was nice to see where she’s been living while she works hard to pursue her dream.

photo1 4

We finally made it to Milwaukee on late Friday night. Saturday was the wedding. Here’s me with my future brother-in-law Kameron.

photo 6

The wedding venue in Milwaukee was at a nice restaurant and right near the water.

photoThe day after the wedding, the bride’s parents hosted a wonderful brunch at their house. We were able to enjoy beautiful views from their house and yard with the company of Kraig’s family before heading back to Boston.

photo 12

Steps to the beach.

photo 13

photo 9

Clambake in the Cape Summer 2013 and some other randos.

My college friend Amelia’s family has a huge clambake every summer at their place in the Cape. This year’s theme was Country Music Awards, so most of the guests were dressed up in fun costumes. There was a band, fun decorations, and TONS of food.

photo 1

Amelia, Yola, my college roommate Liz, and me.

photo 3

My Frye cowboy boots really completed my costume, but I failed to take a picture including them.

photo 2

My other friends Steve and Rosie had an engagement party over the summer. It was a lot of fun and I got to spend some time with two of my bridesmaids Liz and Krissy.

photo 2

Kraig and I also had an engagement party at my parents’ house over the summer, but there were barely any pictures taken. Every picture that was taken came out bad and I can’t even find a picture of Kraig and me together. :( I’m trying to find some halfway decent pictures. Why do so many pictures come out blurry? Does anyone have advice? We were able to get a good picture together before Steve and Rosie’s party. I think my 2014 New Years goal will be to take more pictures including ones with a decent camera.



Chatham, MA – Cape Cod August 2013 Family Vacation

My family and I went on a beautiful Cape Cod family vacation last August in Chatham, MA. We spent our time eating meals at the rental house, drinking lots of wine, and going to the beach.

Here are a few pictures from our trip!


Sunset in Cape Cod, MA.IMG_2307


IMG_2375 IMG_2381

My brother’s baby Keegan was born in July, 2013. How precious is he?IMG_2400

Two of my nephews and one of my nieces enjoying ice cream truck treats.IMG_2406



Massachusetts is definitely a good place to be. :)

Burlington, VT Brewers Fest – July, 2013

*Warning* nothing in this post is healthy except the fact that I indulged in a weekend getaway.

Kraig and I had so much fun at the craft beer fest in Burlington the year before, so we decided to go again in 2013.


After our drive up to VT on Friday, we grabbed burgers and beers at The Farm House in Burlington.



IMG_2092 Next, we met our friends at the beach for a little fun in the sun.IMG_2095

Kraig and I stayed at the same bed and breakfast that we stayed at last year that has an amazing view of Lake Champlain in its back yard.


I could stare at this view all day long.




Kraig and I made sure to enjoy lunch from The Red Onion on Saturday. We loved it so much when we tried it the year before.  They have amazingly large and tasty sandwiches.



We enjoyed some more beach time before getting ready to head over to the festival



Next up, the fest! I love this festival because the location is so beautiful and makes the experience so much more enjoyable than a stuffy inside location.


This is my best friend Liz and I at the Brewfest. We’ve been friends since she moved to our hometown in the 3rd grade!

Here’s Kraig having fun with Liz’s fiance Dave. Kraig and I have actually known Dave since our freshman year of college at UMass-Amherst. We’re so happy that Liz and him met and are getting married this August! IMG_2176 Group pic at the fest.IMG_2173

I was sad when my  last day in Vermont came on Sunday. Kraig and I ended it with breakfast at the Penny Cluse Cafe.




March 2013 Somerville 5k and another trip to Florida.

March 2013 came around and I was still looking for a full time job. I was “recovered” from my concussion and could participate in normal activities again.

I ran a St. Patrick’s Day themed 5k in Somerville with friends. IMG_1267

I also made some yummy cupcakes for us to enjoy post run and bars.


Then I was on my way to Florida for the SECOND time this year. This was the trip I originally had planned with Kraig for 2013 before I lost my job.

We enjoyed some Marriot Beachside Cocktails on St. Patty’s Day and then the day after on my birthday!IMG_1309 IMG_1292

It was so nice to get away from the cold NE weather AGAIN with the pleasant company of my parents, Buddy, and Kraig.