Let Donna Martin Graduate! – Santa Monica and LA Area – May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend was spent in Southern Cali with Kraig. We aimed to check out LA, Santa Monica, San Diego, Orange County, and Malibu, but didn’t exactly get to pack everything into a long weekend visit there. We spent the first two nights of our trip in Santa Monica. Kraig’s cousin Matt lives there with his wife Laura and they were kind enough to let us stay with them and give us a tour of the area. We started our day off with a trip to  Griffith Observatory.  The original plan was to hike to the Observatory, but we had to drive to the top since I still had a cough lingering in my system from the flu. We brought sandwiches with us and ate at a picnic table with this as our view.

Here are our wonderful hosts Matt and Laura!

Yo E! Can you tell Sloane I said what up?-Seth Green on Entourage.

More pictures we took at Griffith Park.

Matt and Laura drove us around LA and gave us a tour of their city pointing out special landmarks. I actually didn’t snap any photos of this because I was just trying to soak it all in.

We went to the beach in Santa Monica.

We went along Santa Monica Pier.

Played some skeeball.

And questioned Big Bertha’s motives.

Pooled together our tickets for some prizes.

Now it’s time for happy hour at Barney’s Beanery. We got beers, chips and guac. Yum! The night was spent at a Mexican restaurant near Matt & Laura’s place. We ordered the cadillac margaritas with dinner which means you get a little something extra in your drink! The next day we had lunch at BricoLA which was delish. I guess only Pizza places in LA have beet salad on their menu. So awesome!

Now onto picking up our car rental and heading to the real OC.

Naples, FL – March 2012

My parents are snowbirds in Naples, FL, so I usually take a trip there every March to escape the Boston weather and visit with them.  Mornings and evenings are spent on the Lanai for relaxation.  I took the picture above of the sunrise one day, but the screen kind of ruined the picture. It looks cooler in person! Anyways, my time in Naples is mainly spent lounging on the beach at The Marco Island Marriot.  This is the perfect place to relax and order a Blackberry Lemonade with Vodka or some Fish Tacos from Quinn’s On The Beach.  I took this picture on St. Patrick’s day lounging on the beach.

My birthday is the day after St. Patrick’s Day, so I enjoyed a birthday mudslide from Quinn’s to celebrate.

If you can afford it, I highly suggest going to the spa at the Marco Island Marriot. They have great massage technicians and a nice spa atmosphere. There is an indoor/outdoor spa area. Inside has a sauna, jacuzzi, plunge pool, showers, bathrooms, and lockers. Outside has waiter service, two hot tubs, tables to eat at, lounge chairs, and a pool.

Another great activity around here is to pack up some food to go with winey pine (that’s wine) to watch the sunset by Naples Pier.  Make sure to get there early to find parking and get your area set up.

So gorgeous.

One of my new favorite restaurants in Naples is a Peruvian restaurant named Inca’s Kitchen .  I went with my parents and Kraig. We ordered  warm Scallops with melted parmesan cheese  for an appetizer.  I had the Pescado a lo Macho for my main meal. I can’t even fathom all the ingredients that are in the sauce, but it was delectable. I would recommend this dish to anyone that likes seafood.   Dessert was a super moist chocolate cake that did not disappoint.  One of my other favorite restaurants in Naples is actually a chain named Roys. I didn’t get to dine there on my last trip to Florida, but will definitely go back one day. Everything I’ve eaten at Roys is fresh and tasty. They have wonderful service too no matter what location I end up going to. We ate at Trucluck’s one night and ordered crab legs as an appetizer. Yum! Here are my parents enjoying themselves!!

Kraig and I had fun too and no we did not plan the matching pink! Sometimes on vacation I get this possessed look on my face. It happened on the Eiffel tower too.

The last day of our trip was spent at The Fiddler’s Creek Club & Spa Pool area because we had an afternoon flight to catch. I swear this pool area is like being at a tropical resort. It rocks!

See you in 2013 Naples!

Long time no see.

I’m apologizing for not updating in so long. Well I guess I’m apologizing to myself because I’m pretty much the only person who reads this :). I still need to post updates on Naples, Fl and Southern Cali. I just moved to a new apartment, so I’ve been settling in there and haven’t had time to update. Plus there is a new camera in the works that involves figuring out uploading the images to a computer. Does anyone have any fun travel plans coming up?


Here is a preview of the Naples post. This was taken lounging on The Marriot Beach in Marco Island.