Cubicle land

It seems to me that I tend to get the same responses from co-workers when I ask them what’s going on or how they’re doing.  These are usually the answers I get, besides the typical “good” answer. I won’t lie, I usually respond using these answers too.

Monday: Another work week…sigh.
Tuesday: Another day.
Wednesday: Just getting through the work week.
Thursday: Almost Friday…(!)
Friday: It’s finally Friday (usually accompanied by a smile).

see you later cali – may 2012

The last day of our trip in Cali was basically just a travel day. We grabbed some iced coffees for our drive back to LAX from OC, returned our car rental, and boarded our plane back to BOS.

We’re very lucky that we had two sets of generous and fun couples to host us during our trip to California. I’m excited for my next trip to CA in August/September when I’ll be checking out SF and some of the surrounding areas!

Welcome to The OC – May 2012 – Day 3

Day 3 in OC started off with a trip to Top of The World Park…we think. It was basically near some elementary school and had some cool views of the Laguna area.

They even had a parking space reserved for me!

We coincidentally drove by Laguna Beach High School, so I decided to take a picture of where LC, Lo, JenBunny and Kristen use to hang out.

Can you imagine if this was the view from your high school?

We ventured over to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for some hiking and sightseeing. Make sure to bring PLENTY of water with you. Snacks are also a good idea.

We got to the park when it opened and left about 3-4 hours later.  We didn’t walk through the whole park during that time period, but we did get to see plenty of amazing views. I thought some of the trail markers were confusing, but we made it out alive!

We ate lunch at O’Neill’s Bar & Grill and did some putting on the green outside after lunch. Then we headed back to the pool area at Patrick & Michelle’s for some more relaxation and ordered in dinner while watching Anchorman!

Welcome to The OC – May 2012 – Day 2

I forgot to mention that our first night in OC was spent at a brewery/restaurant near Patrick and Michelle’s. I tried the blueberry beer because I was in the mood for something refreshing and girlie. 🙂

Day 2 of our trip in OC started off with a trip to Capistrano Beach.

It was so nice there. There were no huge crowds of people and it was easy to find a parking spot!

We headed back to the pool area at Patrick & Michelle’s for some more lounging.  Patrick and Michelle grilled up veggies and yummy steak tips from The Meat House for dinner.  We grabbed drinks at Citrus Fresh Grill and watched some bloody fights on  huge flat screen TVs outside the bar.

Welcome to The OC – May 2012 – Day 1

Our time in Santa Monica was over and it was time to pick up the car rental at Avis. Why does it always take so long to pick up a car? Even though our rental car was a KIA Soul, I was THRILLED when I saw the license plate was from Washington State because I’m obsessed with wanting to live in Seattle. I didn’t mind pretending I lived in Washington for all the times we looked like lost tourists on the trip.

We stayed in Aliso Viejo (Orange County) with Kraig’s cousin Patrick that lives there with his girlfriend Michelle.

We checked out Huntington State Beach aka Surf City on our first day.

Made a pit stop at Mutts for lunch…and the bar crawl sorta began.

And then another stop at Pelican Hill Resort for some Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc.

We went to Nick’s Laguna Beach for a pre dinner drink and ate at Watermarc for dinner. We ended at The Rooftop Lounge for a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.