Renee’s Cafe, Mapparium, and other birthday fun.

Kraig and I were planning on spending his birthday weekend camping at Acadia National Park, but with a weekend forecast of thunderstorms, we had to change our plans. ūüė¶ ¬†What was that change? A day acting like a semi-tourist in Boston. We started off with breakfast at a nearby restaurant we’ve never been to before named¬†Renee’s Cafe. I’m so glad we finally tried this place out because it’s way better than the overrated Soundbites of Somerville. ¬†Renee’s is cash only and doesn’t serve booze. So don’t come here expecting a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s. Instead, expect friendly service, good coffee, and yummy breakfast food. I always get nervous when I’m trying a new breakfast joint out because a lot of places mess breakfast up. ¬†Eggs are overcooked, or come in the size of a brick, pancakes are cold, maple syrup is fake, and coffee is burned. I rather just make my own breakfast knowing it will taste good and I don’t have to get out of my PJs. ¬†Now I now that I can trust Renee’s for when I muster the energy to change out of pajamas to eat my first meal fo the day. I got the eggs florentine and we got a blueberry pancake “to split for the table”. ¬†Both were yummy. Make sure to order the real maple syrup when you put in your order. I also can be picky about Hollandaise¬†sauce because sometimes it just tastes sketchy or like you’re eating lard. I found Renee’s Hollandaise the perfect combination of sexy/cute. Crazy, Stupid, Love, anyone?


After breakfast, Kraig and I took the T into Boston to check out the Mapparium. This is definitely something to do if you’re in this area of Boston, but not something I would tell someone to travel far for. It costs $6 to get in and is about 20 minutes long. Since we went on a Thursday, we were the only ones on our tour and had the Mapparium to ourselves with our tour guide! So awesome. It’s very neat how sound travels in this room. You can be standing on the opposite side of the room from someone and whisper something and it will sound like you’re standing behind them or announcing it on a loud speaker. So fun! I can’t imagine what this would be like with a larger group of people. It might be headache inducing haha. It’s a very fun and unique experience though. Unfortunately, they don’t let you take pictures inside the Mapparium, so I could only take pictures outside.


My high school boyfriend George Glass.


The birthday boy! ūüôā


We ended up doing a lot of walking around Boston, making a few pit stops and finished our evening off with dinner and drinks with one of our favorite couples Liz + Dave! Liz is my childhood best friend and recently got engaged to Dave in the Dominican Republic! We went to Sweet Cheeks for a BBQ dinner. Oink. Promise me that if you ever go here you will order a Bucket of Biscuits. They’re mouth-watering and come with a smooth honey butter. The ribs and pulled pork are good here too. After dinner, we parted ways and said goodnight to Boston.


Bronwyn and Christina’s Ice Cream

I don’t know much about German food. ¬†When I was a little kid, my Mom was taking me out to dinner in New Hampshire to a German restaurant. I had a mini temper-tantrum that I was going to a German restaurant for the first time in my life and screamed I DON’T WANT GERMAN FOOD! I WANT AMERICAN FOOD! The German restaurant served grilled cheese for kids and Profiteroles for dessert, so I ended up a happy camper. ¬†I’ve never been able to live this story down. ¬†Little did my Mom know, I would seek out a German restaurant to dine at years later in life. #growingup

Kraig and I decided to check out a new German restaurant named Bronwyn that opened up in the Union Square area of Somerville. We beat the dinner rush by getting there shortly after the restaurant opened and scored two seats at the bar.

I skimmed over the beer menu and immediately ordered a beer from Leavenworth because it’s from Washington State. We all know I’m obsessed with the Pacific Northwest! The beer was pretty good, but I’m definitely not a beer¬†connoisseur. All I know is I hate things like Bud Light and don’t mind a good saison once in a while. ūüėČ Anyways, this was yummy.


Most of the restaurant was ordering these humongous pretzels, so we had to order one too of course. It was crispy and came with a yummy spicy mustard dipping sauce.


Some more beers..



We decided to split Kielbasa and the Beef Sauerbraten for dinner. It was too yummy to snap enough proper pictures of it.


We ended our meal with our first visit ever to the infamous ice cream shop¬†Christina’s in Cambridge. I’ve wanted to go here for YEARS, but did not think it lived up to it’s hype.¬†Their ice cream was good, but I still like¬†Nona’s¬†ice cream more.


I think I could become a professional ice cream taste tester. Future career change? ūüėČ

Boston Harborwalk and Lucky’s Lounge.

I was meeting up with two of my old co-workers for lunch at Lucky’s a few weeks ago and got to the Fort Point area a little early. I decided to take a walk along the Boston Harborwalk to kill some time before lunch. ¬†I wouldn’t mind if my next full time job was in this area of Boston again. I love taking walks here on my lunch break. BostonHarborwalk4gull





After my walk, I headed over to Lucky’s Lounge to meetup with my friends for lunch. ¬†The first time I went to Lucky’s (probably September 2007) there was no sign outside the restaurant. Nowadays, they put a little sign outside the restaurant. ¬†I’m wondering if they do this because there’s so many new restaurants in the area now?


Inside the right side of Lucky’s. There’s a left side of the bar/restaurant too.


I ordered the cheeseburger with half fries half salad on the side. I definitely recommend getting that, their chili or nachos.I’m not sure if I would recommend going here for lunch or dinner if you have children with you. I can’t remember a time I saw any kids here which is odd for a place so close to Boston’s Children Museum. I’m ¬†not sure if their brunch is different. Lucky’s is definitely a staple bar/restaurant to check out if you’re in the Fort Point area and want to avoid the $$ restaurants or lines at Flour. ¬†It’s also a great after work drink spot. ¬†Nothing is better than ordering some beers and sliders. You might want to avoid going here on a really nice day because there are barely any windows (think prohibition themed). I still end up here on nice days because their bar food is way better than places on the waterfront like Atlantic Beer Garden and Whiskey Priest.

Okay, I’m off to yoga. Namaste.

Red Sox Fenway adventure.

My recent adventures have all been local. A few weeks ago (err in May), I was lucky enough to score free tickets to a Red Sox day game from my Uncle Paul. Kraig, his younger brother Kameron, and I went to Yard House for pre game food and drinks. It was around 11 AM when I ordered a drink, so I decided to get a Mimosa. I had been watching too much of VH1’s Wicked Single at the time and craving a Mimosa because they seem to drink them at brunch every week on that show.


For some reason, I think I’m a curse for Red Sox rain. Our game was delayed, so that involved a lot more hanging around bars in Fenway before the game than we anticipated, but it was worth it for a fun experience with great seats!

FenwayParkThe Red Sox ended up losing (starting to think I’m a jinx). ¬†Regardless, it’s always nice getting at least one Fenway experience in per season.

I chose to end my day with some booze remedy tea that I bought from Cambridge Naturals recently. ¬†This stuff works okay. I mean it’s good if you get home, drink some water and have a cup of tea. Not so good if you rage all night, feel like death in the morning, and think this will cure you. Who does that nowadays anyways?


Next up…some pictures from the Boston Harborwalk. You’re welcome. Does anyone else watch MTV’s Awkward? I love that show!