Welcome to The OC – May 2012 – Day 3

Day 3 in OC started off with a trip to Top of The World Park…we think. It was basically near some elementary school and had some cool views of the Laguna area.

They even had a parking space reserved for me!

We coincidentally drove by Laguna Beach High School, so I decided to take a picture of where LC, Lo, JenBunny and Kristen use to hang out.

Can you imagine if this was the view from your high school?

We ventured over to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park for some hiking and sightseeing. Make sure to bring PLENTY of water with you. Snacks are also a good idea.

We got to the park when it opened and left about 3-4 hours later.  We didn’t walk through the whole park during that time period, but we did get to see plenty of amazing views. I thought some of the trail markers were confusing, but we made it out alive!

We ate lunch at O’Neill’s Bar & Grill and did some putting on the green outside after lunch. Then we headed back to the pool area at Patrick & Michelle’s for some more relaxation and ordered in dinner while watching Anchorman!

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One thought on “Welcome to The OC – May 2012 – Day 3

  1. Even though I saw a lot of tourists here, there also seemed to be a lot of locals here just taking their daily walk. No wonder why people in OC are in such great shape. 🙂

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