Day 13. Brunch with the birthday girl.

Today is my friend Krissy’s birthday. I became friends with Krissy in middle school and I’m happy to say that she’ll be one of my bridesmaids for my wedding. 🙂 We met up for brunch today at The Friendly Toast in Cambridge. I’m posting three photos in one post because I’m too lazy to make a separate post for my picture project. Here is my day 13 picture of the birthday girl with a mimosa and a cute bow shirt! This place definitely doesn’t skimp on the Mimosas! I wish I could have one, but still can’t drink because of my concussion.


I have two other photos I snapped while I was out. I took a picture of my eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce on the side. We both agreed that the  homefries here are pretty good. I thought the ham tasted a little too chewey, but still enjoyed my meal.


The last picture I’m posting from today is one I snapped while walking on the streets of Cambridge.


I think I’ll go do something productive like wash my hair.

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