Parlez Vous Francais?

Today I was daydreaming about my trip to Paris and couldn’t believe how much time has gone by since my last Eurotrip. Okay maybe 16 months isn’t that long to go without traveling to Europe. Something that sparks my memory about this trip is that whenever I told someone I was going to Paris they’d ask me if I spoke French. The answer is no besides a handful of phrases. A few people I know that have already been to France told me it was nothing to worry about because they knew the language and anytime they spoke French over there, the person would usually answer them in English. Whenever I spoke French in Paris the person answered in French. I know it’s not because I have some amazing french accent. What do you usually find when you go to Paris? Do people typically answer you in French if you attempt speaking it? I think I’ll have to invest in learning more of the language before my next non-existant trip there.

What do you find yourself doing if you run into a language barrier when you travel? Kraig and I have found that a lot of pointing and dramatic hand gestures can help with getting things like food, tickets, or receiving directions. Would you travel somewhere if you didn’t know their language?



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One thought on “Parlez Vous Francais?

  1. I have traveled to Italy, France, and Spain without knowing the language. Italians were the nicest about it. Generally trying to help me out if we couldn’t figure it out, then celebrating when we did figure out what we were saying. The French were the meanest about it. Not to me, but to a girl I was traveling with when she went into a store and didn’t at least start out with a French phrase. The Spanish were nice also. I find, that if you at least try to say hello and how are you in their language, Europeans are much nicer to you because at least you’re trying.

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