Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA

Kraig and I took a day trip on Sunday to Rockport, MA. We started off our visit walking around and exploring Halibut Point State Park.  If you look at the four pictures below you can see why the town is named Rockport.  Are there any sandy beaches in Rockport?

Halibut Point State Park1

Halibut Point State Park4 Halibut Point State Park3 Halibut Point State Park2

After walking around the park for a while, we worked up an appetite for lunch and headed on over to Roy Moore Lobster Co. We both ordered Lobster Rolls. Yelp reviewers described this as a no frills place and I have to agree. The lobster rolls were pretty good, but not as good as Tony’s Clam Shop lobster rolls in Quincy. Tony’s has better seasoning on their lobster roll with a bit more freshness. I noticed most of the customers at Roy Moore Lobster Co. were ordering full lobsters and they looked amazing .  After a heavy lunch, we were ready to walk around town a little more and make a stop at Tuck’s for some dark chocolate candies. Yum! Here’s some pictures I took while we walked around downtown Rockport and some nearby neighborhoods.


Kraig and I seriously need to get some pictures of us together without our sunglasses on.

I felt like I was on vacation because I’ve never been to Rockport, MA before. I grew up on the South Shore of MA, so I’ve never really had the need to go NORTH for a beach. Now that I live in Somerville, it makes more sense to take a day trip to Rockport. I felt like I was on vacation for the day. A great way to end the weekend before some Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.

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