How to make homemade coconut water. The Lazy way.

So I use to HATE coconut unless it was shredded and covered in chocolate. Then I could tolerate it. I’ve slowly forced myself into  liking coconut water because it’s just so refreshing to drink after a hike up a mountain and supposedly good for you. For some reason, I love trying new health trends even though I love my junk food too. Goji berries anyone?

I impulsively bought a coconut at Whole Foods this week. Next, I took a wine opener/cork screw and a mallet (a hammer will work too). I hammered the screw into one bottom of the coconut a few times until I got a hole that went all the way through.


Next, I put the hole side down over a cup to drain the coconut of its water.  I got the big wine glass above about 3/4 the way full.

coconut draining

The water comes out of the coconut with a few nitty gritty bits of coconut in it, so I drained them out with a fine mesh strainer. Either refrigerate until you drink or drink right away. I’m not sure how long this keeps in the fridge for, but my guess is until it smells bad or changes color. I’m no expert. 😉

While this was a fun kitchen experiment, I think buying organic coconut water with low sugar is cheaper than making it at home. This coconut cost me $3.99 at Whole Foods in Massachusetts.  If you live somewhere where coconuts grow on trees, then obviously it’s an affordable fun option! I like the purity organic brand that I tried last time and actually enjoyed. I’ve tried other brands that I just don’t like because they’re too sugary or have an overpowering coconut flavor.


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