September 2014 recap.

The rest of August and the month of September flew by so fast. It seems like all my time was spent working and prepping for anything wedding or honeymoon related. It was a bit stressful trying to get all the details sorted out, but Kraig was very helpful throughout the process. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. I know some brides have grooms that do almost nothing as part of the wedding planning process and I’m so thankful Kraig is not like that.  It’s also important to remember that wedding planning stress is GOOD stress. You aren’t stressing over something really bad like unemployment or loss of a loved one. It’s stupid wedding details!

Regardless, I made sure to get use out of my Bride wine glass in the weeks leading up to the wedding. My Mom and Sister gifted me with this wine glass at my wedding shower in June.  I think they got it at the Christmas Tree Shops.

photo 3

Kraig and I got licensed to wed in September at City Hall.  It’s good to stay on top of these details.

photo 1 (1)

I had a handful of fittings at L’elite bridal in Boston to fill up my month too.

photo 2 (1)

In addition to all the wedding craziness, my sister gave birth to her third child in mid-late September! He’s an adorable healthy baby boy and I’m so happy for her and her family. 🙂

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