Iceland in May 2015 ~ Day 5. Back to Boston.

Our last day in Iceland was spent checking out of Hotel Búðir.  We snapped some photos of the Budir Church located near the hotel before beginning our drive to the airport.


We stopped at 66 North on the way to the airport so Kraig could get his coat repaired. They ended up fixing it for free in a short period of time. The people that work there were extremely nice and accommodating.  We had to go to a special location in order to have he repairs done.

We returned our car rental, grabbed some Joe & the juice, and then were shuttled at the airport to our WOW airlines flight. WOW is right. This airline is very budget and my knees were pressed up against the seat in front of me the whole flight home. We took WOW on the way out to Iceland too, but had seats with more space which were nice. Nothing is free on this flight except using the bathroom. The cool thing about the flight home is I heard numerous conversations about how much fun everyone had on their trip to Iceland. It’s a great place for adventure and beautiful sightseeing. Do not go if you want fine dining or clothes shopping.

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