A honest review of Frank Body products.

When I heard about Frank Body products I became very excited.  A body scrub that claims to help reduce cellulite with good reviews had to be too good to be true.  I decided to order the Peppermint Body Scrub, Coconut Body Scrub, and the Body Butter.


The packaging is adorable and they really have great marketing as a business. I decided to try out the Peppermint Body Scrub first followed by the body butter. The peppermint scrub felt great on my sore muscles, but it’s such a mess to deal with. Coffee grinds get everywhere and are a huge pain in the ass to clean up out of every nook and cranny of your shower. Once I finished using up the Peppermint Body Scrub after a few uses, I gave the Coconut Body Scrub a go. I decided that I like the Peppermint scrub more because it tingles on the skin and helps relieve sore muscles as I mentioned before. The coconut scrub did not do that. Neither of them helped with any cellulite. The body butter is very hydrating to put on and made my skin so smooth. The consistency of it reminds me of other products sold to help reduce stretch marks. I can picture slathering this on if I was worried about getting more stretch marks during a pregnancy or something, but not for everyday use. I ran through the bottle very fast, so it’s not worth it from a cost standpoint.  My husband also thought I smelled like Pine Sol after applying it, so it’s not exactly what you’re looking for from a smell stand point. Unless, you’re married to Danny Tanner.  I’m still working on finishing my coconut body scrub because I paid for it, but dreading the mess it makes. I have found some other scrubs that I like a lot more that go right down the drain. They don’t claim to get rid of cellulite, but I’m pretty sure the only thing that can battle that is a healthy diet and exercise program paired with good genes. Overall, I don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing these products. I’ll be sharing more on the blog on scrubs I like soon.  I also need to update you all with details on my trips to New Orleans and Antigua. I’m hoping to get those in before the end of this month.

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