An Awesome Antiguan Thanksgiving ~ November 2015

Kraig and I spent our Thanksgiving in Antigua visiting his parents.  It was so nice to visit them.  We hadn’t seen them since the day after our wedding which was over a year ago. thumb_DSCN3247_1024We spent one day at Catherines Cafe Plage in English Harbour.

thumb_DSCN3247_1024thumb_DSCN3237_1024thumb_DSCN3245_1024thumb_DSCN3239_1024We spent another day at Curtain Bluff which ended up being the most beautiful day weather wise out of our trip.  Make sure to order a rum punch here. This stuff sneaks up on you, so be careful.thumb_DSCN3186_1024thumb_DSCN3194_1024thumb_DSCN3188_1024thumb_DSCN3200_1024thumb_DSCN3183_1024thumb_DSCN3203_1024thumb_DSCN3163_1024thumb_DSCN3170_1024thumb_DSCN3182_1024thumb_DSCN3181_1024Afterwards, we went to Sheer Rocks to watch the sunset from the bar area.

thumb_DSCN3172_1024thumb_DSCN3174_1024We spent Thanksgiving day at Coconut Grove beach because it was close to where we were staying and we wanted to be close to home for the holiday.beach.PNGWe actually had a proper Thanksgiving dinner while in Antigua which was very kind of Kraig’s parents to organize. The show stopper of the meal was a Coconut Pie that was made by a woman on island. I was a bit skeptical to eat Coconut flavored pie, but after one bite I became a coconut pie convert and lover.

Our last full day in Antigua was spent on a sail boat. I didn’t bring my camera  because I was afraid of it getting wet and breaking it. It was fun cruising around the island to see it from a different point of view.

We’ll definitely be venturing back to Antigua at some point.  Let me know what your favorite place in the Caribbean is!  🙂

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