Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum Review.

I was so excited when I heard about Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. It sounded like the natural miracle serum that I had been searching for this year to even out my skin tone and bring some youth back into my face. When I finally bit the bullet to try it, I started using it morning and night before applying my moisturizer. This was too much for my dry sensitive skin and I was having more red flare ups on my face.   After scouring the internet, I realized I should cut back on my applications and ended up reducing my use to night time only. I follow their push and press technique  and then finish off with my nighttime moisturizer.  I think I’m the only person on the internet that is not in love with this product. Maybe if it cost 1/4th of what I paid for it, then I’d feel differently. However, an expensive product that is not a miracle worker is not worth repurchasing for me unless I have some serious money to burn!  It does leave me with a more youthful glow than what I would look like if I skipped serum, however nothing dramatically better than more affordable options on the market. I haven’t noticed a decrease in wrinkles or my skin tone evening out much.  I much prefer Om. Oroma Company’s serums that are a lot more affordable and hydrating. I will do a post about their serums separately from this.  I will continue to use up my bottle slowly, but don’t plan on repurchasing it.  For frame of reference, I’ve been using this since the beginning of October.  Do any of you have some natural skincare serums that you love and recommend?img_6502

**Update 12/21/2016. I started mixing a drop of this serum in with my foundation and/or tinted moisturizer before applying it to my face. This helps the product go on little smoother, but it’s not a drastic enough difference for me to continue repurchasing.

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