Gift Guide 2016: For Him.

I always find it so hard to pick out gifts for Men, but these would definitely be nice presents for any man in your life.forhimxmas.png


Row One – Ernest Alexander Messenger Bag, Burberry Hat, Aesop Hand CreamCashmere Scarf.

Row Two – Compression Socks, Cashmere Scarf, Cocktail Shaker, Bose HeadphonesSavor Beauty After-Shave Ritual, BRIC’s Duffel Bag.

The Details:

Ernest Alexander Messenger Bag is great for the career man who has a daily commute on public transportation and needs a place to store all his stuff.

Burberry Hat looks sharp and delivers warmth.

Aesop Hand Cream is not just for women! Anyone and everyone should use this hand cream.

This Cashmere Scarf and this Cashmere Scarf are styling, good quality, and shield him from the freezing cold.

Compression Socks are great to wear if you’re sitting all day at your job or going on an airplane flight.

Cocktail Shaker that’s a classic design never to go out of style.

Bose Headphones that cancel out noise and make commuting on public transportation more enjoyable.

Savor Beauty After-Shave Ritual is a great way to slowly introduce natural skincare products to your man. We all want the best for our loved ones!

BRIC’s Duffel Bag – This bag is the best thing ever. I love BRIC’s and often borrow Kraig’s duffel bag when I travel because it’s so lightweight, looks smart and fits so much into it.

Not Pictured Above, but things I always consider good presents for him: Tickets to a sports game or Concert, Airplane Tickets, A Surprise Trip, Baked goods, Massage Gift Card, or any type of experience you can gift them with.  Another good idea would be buying them a subscription to Netflix or Spotify Premium. I also think a nice camera that can take pictures and videos is great for any Dads or millennials out there. Millenials love having all types of technology and Dads love to have a device to document their children growing up and on family vacations.


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