Baked doughnuts two ways

If you follow me on instagram then you probably know that I’ve been testing out different doughnut recipes this Winter. The first recipe I tested out tasted way too healthy, but the second two were so good and totally worth sharing!

The first one I’m going to share with you are Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts from Ina Garten’s Foolproof Cookbook. In the cookbook Ina suggests pairing these doughnuts with her Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe. I did exactly that and it was such a decadent indulgence. I really loved the way these doughnuts came out and I even think they tasted better after letting them cool longer than 5 minutes. Probably about an hour after they were done because yes I came back for seconds and thirds and happily discovered this. I followed the recipes exactly as they’re described on Ina’s Website and the FoodNetwork site. When I made the Mexican Hot Chocolate and poured it into mugs I discovered chunks of the bittersweet chocolate that did not fully dissolve into the cocoa before pouring. So I decided to melt it a little longer and then dip the Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts into them as a glaze. This really took the doughnuts over the top and I think made them taste even better.

Recipe Links for the Doughnuts can be found here and here.

Recipe Link for the Mexican Hot Chocolate can be found here.

So good. You have to try them! I got my donut pans from JSH Home Essentials and they’re definitely a great addition to my kitchen. Since there’s only three people in my house I made sure to package up some leftovers for loved ones.

The second donut recipe I’m sharing with you today is Jenny Steffens’ Chocolate Glazed Donuts. I followed her recipe almost exactly, but for the glaze I used a lot less powdered sugar than her recipe calls for. I used about 1 cup vs. 2-3 cups, but I think the glaze would have turned out thicker if I added the called for amount. This made a lot of donut batter so I saved the extra in the freezer in these disposable piping bags as Jenny suggested. I really loved this recipe too and will keep it in the archives!

Have any of you tried making doughnuts at home? I know I’ve seen Joy The Baker post tons of doughnut recipes on her blog over the years so I feel like I have to try one of hers. Also – how do you spell it? Doughnut or donut? I use to only spell it doughnut, but have been seeing people use donut a lot more lately.

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