summertime garden boxes

Yes, I am talking about Summer in February. I’m really looking forward to the garden boxes on my back deck this Spring and Summer. This is what we had last year.

I believe it was a combination of purple petunias, angelface, and something similar to a white angel’s breath flower.

This is what the garden boxes looked like beforehand (see below). They get almost direct sunlight all day and came attached to our deck when we bought our house. They had no drainage holes so my husband put some in before we added the flowers and soil. It really helps brighten up the old deck we have. We’re daydreaming of a house renovation that would include a new kitchen, bathrooms, and deck. Big money I know so we’re doing tiny things to brighten the place up.

I got my inspiration from this photo that I saw on instagram:

As you probably have gathered by now, I love everything Jenny shares. Just like I love everything Ina Garten shares. I really find them both to be such an inspiration for recipes and home life. I took this photo from Jenny’s instagram to my local garden shop and they were able to help me pick out what flowers to add to my home. I really love the women that work at Weston Nurseries. They’re always able to answer my questions as I know nothing about gardening.

I’m already wondering if I should do the same color/flower combination this year or try something different like red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. I’m also very excited because I have some new Bergs Potter planters that I can put outside this year to grow herbs.

Another item I have my eye one are these Reclaimed Wood Medallion Planters. They’re sold out a lot of places online, but I’m hoping I can still find them when I’m ready to actually purchase them.

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