My current top 5 places to travel to (subject to change).

1. Costa Rica – Do you want to zip line over a forest with a view of a Volcano and lake? How about hike to a waterfall? Do you like beaches that extend for miles with no huge high rises? I’ll be back!

2. Washington State – Has everything you could dream of.  National Parks, city life, breweries, wineries and vineyards. It may not be the fashion capital of the world, but the scenery makes up for it.

3. Paris – What’s not to love about Paris? Any place I can travel to with an abundance of croissants, wine, and chocolate is an A+ in my book.

4. Hana, Maui – I (barely) survived the road to Hana!

5. London – I feel so Cosmopolitan in London. The people here are friendly and I love taking a stroll through their parks.

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Travel addict with a champagne taste.

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