Wahgwaan? Antigua January 2011

Wahgwaan? That’s what’s going on in Antiguan.  Kraig lived in Antigua until the 8th grade, so  I was very excited to explore his homeland that has 365 beaches. We stayed in an apartment in a residential area Crosbies Village with beautiful ocean views from the back deck .  A lot of nights were spent at Putters grabbing drinks with friends and family.We ate at Mama Pasta one night and saw the Green Flash at The Trade Winds Hotel another night.   I was lucky enough to spend a day on the beach at Curtain Bluff Resort.

I would definitely recommend checking out Shirley Heights for some great views of Antigua. Kraig’s favorite beach in Antigua is Half Moon Bay, but mine is Pigeon Beach. Make sure to get some Rotis to eat while you’re in Antigua!

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