Jaws! Cape Cod Camping or Glamping. – August 2012.

I went camping in the Cape over the weekend and swam with the sharks. Well, not really. I went camping in the Cape over the weekend and the NEWS said there was a great white shark in the water nearby. My friends saw a whale in the ocean on Friday and we all saw a Seal on Saturday. You know there had to be a shark nearby if there was a seal.  Right?

I started my trip out with a ferry ride after work Friday from Boston to PTOWN USA baby.

Woah, I know they serve drinks on the boat, but I was surprised by how much boozing occurred.  Pahty boat!

Check out this beautiful sky I saw upon my arrival to PTOWN. Now if these damn people would just move out of my way for a minute, the picture would have been better…or if I got off my ass to take a picture without them in it.

I met Kraig and our friends Liz & Dave in PTOWN.  We ventured over to  The Lobster Pot for some Bloody Marys, oysters, and onion rings. They’re suppose to be famous for their Bloody Marys, but I still think Stars has the best Blood Marys ever. We headed back to our campsite next for burgers, beers, and corn on the cob.

Saturday was a rainy day, so we had a leisurely breakfast at The Wicked Oyster. I ordered eggs florentine for breakfast and split a blueberry pancake on the side with Kraig. Everything was good, but the pancake was DELICIOUS. I consider myself somewhat of a pancake snob because I grew up in a house that made pancakes at least one day a week for breakfast. I’ve also dabbled in several pancake recipes from food blogs in my adulthood, but found the Wicked Oyster’s pancake to be light, fluffy, moist, sugary, and one of those things you want to scarf down in 30 seconds like a hot fudge sundae because you just can’t control yourself. Oh, but I didn’t want to scare the other people at the table, so I practiced some control. Anyways, after breakfast Kraig drove us around Wellfleet/Truro and we did some walking along some paths.

We found Dawson’s Creek.

And Dawson & Joey. I hope you know this is sarcasm…

Then read about all the Whales that use to be in the area.

Evidence we saw a seal. He’s looking at me!

I hate seaweed.

There’s only so much walking you can do in the cold rain, so we headed back to our camp site for more burgers, beers, and relaxing! I guess I should have actually taken pictures of the camp site, but it slipped my mind.

Sunday we packed up our stuff and went to SavorySweet for breakfast. Please check this place out if you’re near Truro. Their pizza is great, the breakfast sandwiches are satiating, the salted caramel ice cream is out of this world, and their brown sugar cinnamon scones are remarkably fresh while dissolving in your mouth with a cup of coffee.

Back to Boston!

Here are most of the photos from the trip if you’re interested. I realized the only picture I took with Liz and Dave in it is of their backs from a distance, so I definitely need to get better at taking pictures with people in them!

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