September 2, 2012 – from Carmel to Wine Country

Time to pack up our bags and head to Wine Country!


For some reason we thought it would be okay to drive over The Golden Gate Bridge to get to Wine Country on a holiday weekend.goldengatebridgefog

I don’t know what we were thinking because there was a ton of traffic and we got so hungry waiting in all of it we had to make a pit stop in Sausilito for sandwiches from The Sausilito Bakery & Cafe. We were also running late for our first vineyard appointment, but luckily we were able to push back the time for our tour tasting. Sausilito was so gorgeous and reminded me of PTOWN USA BABY!, BUT… we didn’t really take any pictures because we said we’d come back when we were on our SF leg of our trip. By the time we got to SF at the end of our trip, we returned our rental car and didn’t feel like dealing with any more driving. So anyways…back to wine country.

We finally made it to Cakebread Cellars in Napa around 2:30/3 PM,  pounded plenty of free ice cold water in the main lobby and then got to sample 6 different wines in a small group setting outside.  I ended up purchasing a bottle of the 2010 Chardonnay which is funny because I don’t normally go for Chardonnays. It was so hot this day that I was just craving a white wine.

Cakebread Cellears Napa

Most vineyards seem to stop doing tours around 4 PM, so we only had time for one vineyard on our first day. We headed over to our BnB in Sonoma to check in and make use of the pool and hot tub. We stayed in The English Garden Suite which was perfectly suitable for a couple or individual.  Another plus of this BnB is that they have a free wine and cheese hour, so we got to munch on those treats while relaxing by the pool.

Places tend to close early in wine country.  After we freshened up, we stumbled upon headed to Maya Restaurant for dinner. A convertible really GIVES you color people. This is sunburned tan for me.

beforedinner Since we drank so much wine during the day, we decided to continue our margarita tradition of the trip while munching on chips and salsa before dinner. I got the tortilla soup which was pretty good. We got to eat outside and our waitress was very nice. She did not rush us at all which is something I always appreciate about a place. Time for bed so we can cease Sonoma the next day…by bike. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “September 2, 2012 – from Carmel to Wine Country

  1. I’m loving your blog!! Again, Thanks for bringing back the happy memories by sharing yours! The B&B looks like it was a good one too!

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