September 4th, 2012 – Mendocino, Man.

Time to say goodbye to wine country and head north to Mendocino. My brother recommended we check out the Russian River Brewing Company while we were in CA and I’m so happy we did. They had a great selection of beers and mouthwatering food like beer bites and pizza.


Hmm what should we drink?


How about one of almost everything?RussianRiverValley2

And some Drew Bites.drewbites

We didn’t have enough time to visit any of the wineries in the Russian River Valley on our trip, but maybe next time. That seems to be my answer for anything I miss when I travel now.

I don’t really recommend fueling up on beer, pizza, and beer bites for a LONG, twisty, turning, potential car-sick inducing drive to Mendocino, but at least it kept us full.

We made a stop at Bodega Bay on our drive too. This picture is so dark.


Compared to these two pictures taken at the same time.


The roads started to get a little too windy for my taste, but the views made it worth it.

Drive to Mendocino
Drive to Mendocino

We finally made it to North Coast Country Inn to check in.  Phil was our host here and was very friendly and down to earth. He upgraded us to a room with a king bed and big jetted tub! You also get a complimentary chocolate and mini bottle of local wine in your room. Phil also puts out a huge spread of food for you in the morning. Kraig and I have stayed at plenty of bNbs, but this was one of the best hosting experiences we’ve had to date.

North Coast Country Inn
North Coast Country Inn

You can walk across the street to the Whale Watch Inn and take their steps to the beach for “customers only” or people sneaking in from across the street like me.

Steps that walk down to the beach
Steps that walk down to the beach

X amount of steps (I can’t remember how many) will lead you to the beach!

Gualala, Mendocino
Gualala, Mendocino

The fog was pretty cool. There were people camped out along the beach that you can see in one of my album pictures below.   In case anyone is interested we had dinner at Bones Roadhouse down the street from our BnB. I got a cheeseburger and Kraig got the brisket. I’m pretty sure we stood out like sore thumbs around here, but the British couple made us be the less interesting people lol. This is a no frills place, with friendly staff and decent food! Not the type of place I’d seek out, but worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Supposedly Mendocino or Gualala is a fishing community, but there sure were a lot of luxury sports cars for a fishing town. I found out later from our BnB owner that we were in WEED TRIANGLE, USA!! WOO! lol. Kind of cool/interesting, but also made me paranoid that I would annoy drug dealers when I drove 30 miles an hour. Wait I think I annoyed everyone driving 30 mph down the scary roads of Mendocino. Oh well. Check out the rest of the pictures below and notice the naked lady flowers outside our bNb! Groovy. 🙂

Next stop = SF!

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