Naples, Florida January 2013 recap. A concussion and getting laid off.

Last January started out with a bang. A concussion followed by getting laid off a week later was certainly an unpleasant way to start off the New Year. My Mom felt bad for my situation because all I could do was listen to books on tape in the miserable New England weather inside my tiny apartment. I’m very lucky that my generous parents flew me down to their place in Florida for some sun and relaxation time with them. I was only suppose to be there for 7 days, but Boston had two HUGE snowstorms, so I ended up staying down there for 10 wonderful sunny warm days due to flight cancellations.

My brother Brian sent me a picture of the snowstorm in Southie.


Kraig sent me a picture he took from inside our apartment of a window completely covered in snow. Holy crap, I’m glad I missed this.


Our neighbors made the snow look fun, until you look closely at all the people shoveling their cars out.


An obese snowman snowwoman in Somerville. It’s Somerville, so I have to be PC.


Davis Square covered in Snow.


My sister Melissa sent me a picture of her two year old (at the time) daughter Kayla standing up next to the snow. How adorable! I remember how much fun it was as a kid growing up in New England being able to play in the deep snow. Perfect for sledding, making snow angels, snowball fights, and building forts.


While I was getting bombarded with pictures of the snow, I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the weather I was experiencing in Florida.

IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853 IMG_0862

Buddy was a good little companion for me.


My parents and I hit up one of our favorite spots in Florida. Roy’s is way better than your typical chain restaurant. The service is good and the food tastes high quality.


You can’t go on a trip to Roy’s without ordering a molten dessert.

Poor Buddy ended up getting sick while I was in Florida, so he had to go to the vet. He was a good little patient.


My parents and I hit up the Marriot Beach on Marco Island, so I made sure to order Fish Tacos for lunch at Quinn’s on the Beach.







IMG_0996While I was enjoying all the sun and relaxation, I was still experiencing light headedness and headaches daily. I was also feeling anxious about not having a job and having a hard time concentrating on searching for jobs because my brain got fuzzy every time I used the computer for a prolonged period of time of searching job ads.  I tried to talk myself into relaxing at the beach, but it was hard to do.


Another favorite of mine in Naples is Bha Bha Persian Bistro.  The hummus plate appetizer is not to be missed. It’s so good that I couldn’t snap a decent picture of it before we started devouring it.

The kabos are great here too.


My parents having fun at dinner. I forced them to be in a picture.


Homemade Bha Bha Persion ice cream.


My last 24 hours in Florida was welcomed by the arrival of new visitors!! My sister Melissa and her family! I was so excited to see them in Florida and got to snap some adorable pictures of Kayla and David.


IMG_1046_face0It was hard leaving Florida with two adorable kids there and horrible weather awaiting me in Massachusetts. I was excited to come home to my fiance and welcome the unknown of my future career. I was in for a long winter, but it actually flew by.

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