Valentine’s Day February 2013.

Kraig and I had a nice at home Valentine’s Day this past year.  It started out with heart shaped Sriracha on our morning breakfast egg.


Our sunroom looked so cute with Valentine’s Day decorations and a fresh snowfall outside.



Kraig left for work, so I began prepping our meal for dinner. First up, salted fudge brownies.

Then I prepped Giada’s Champagne Rissotto for two and a salad with Joy The Baker’s Cheese Beet Hearts.


Our first engaged Valentine’s Day together.


Kraig was able to enjoy the champagne with our  meal, but I couldn’t drink with my concussion. I drank some sparkly water instead. Glug.


For some reason, I’ve been sick the past two- maybe even three Valentine’s Day. I hoping 2014 brings a healthier Vday with all the reoverybits I take!


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Travel addict with a champagne taste.

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