A 29th Golden Birthday Roast For a Friend – January 2014 Celebration.

My friend Krissy is one of those friends that everyone loves being around because she likes to make people laugh and is funny.  She is usually up for anything fun and not likely to pass judgement unless you do something ridiculous like use poor grammar.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing she doesn’t read this blog or my grammar would probably drive her crazy.  haha.

This year she decided to have a birthday party roast of herself at The Stadium in Quincy. That’s her in the gold dress for her golden birthday.






I was hesitant to roast Krissy at first because I didn’t feel comfortable with the situation. However, I realized not roasting her would be more of a disappointment to her than me making fun of her. Everyone had a lot of fun and I think most of the speeches ended on a positive note. We definitely put James Franco’s roast to shame. 🙂

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