Layering two of my favorite necklaces.

Mondays are always hard, but some cute jewelry can always brighten your day.

photo 1 (1)These are two of my favorite necklaces. I spotted this K necklace a few years ago on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars and purchased one for myself.  The long turquoise necklace was gifted to me for my birthday a few years ago by my parents. I bought the sweater from Anthropologie a few years ago. You can find a similar one here. It’s one of my favorite warm, go-to casual winter sweaters.

photo (3)I love layering necklaces when I’m wearing a long sweater or dress.  It’s adds a nice pop of color and touch of femininity to the outfit.

In other news, I sorted through my honeymoon pictures on Sunday. We took so many pictures, but I narrowed it down to 100 or so photos that I’ll be using to update the blog with on details of our trip to Hawaii. I’ll include hotel details and as much information I can remember.

photo (4)


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