Take a walk on the wild side.

I got this green skirt from Anthropologie a few years ago. I found some for sale on ebay available here and here.   You can also look for it on another favorite place of mine named Poshmark. This skirt is amazing, it has a fun wild print, is super comfortable with an elastic waist, very breezy for those hot as hell summer days, and does not blow up in the wind tunnels of Boston.


IMG_2910 IMG_2890 IMG_2887

I paired this skirt with another oldie in my wardrobe The Anthropologie Sidebent Tank. I found one here, here, here, and here. My Toms shoes in navy are available here, here, here, here, here, and here.  I know Toms aren’t the most attractive shoe, but they’re discreet enough for a comfortable shoe and come in so many colors that they’re such a great summer staple for those of us that like to do a lot of walking and have to put their feet through  public transportation.

On a side note, I haven’t forgotten to post about Iceland, I just have to wait until I have a new computer to get my pictures loaded for a post. Getting a new computers is $$$, so hence the delay. Hopefully I’ll have one by August!

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