A weekend in NYC ~ June 2015

Kraig and I were attending a Sunday brunch wedding celebration in New Jersey, so we decided to make a short weekend of it in NYC. We grabbed dinner from A4 Pizza in Somerville before beginning our drive to New York City after work.


We rented this apartment off Airbnb which suited our needs for the weekend. The couch and bed were so comfortable.

We arrived in New York late Friday night and spent Saturday going out to brunch, walking around Central Park, catching up with a friend over drinks/oysters, and then having a lovely dinner with another friend. After dinner, she took us to a small bar/venue with live music.




Places we dined at in NYC that we enjoyed:

Brunch Saturday: Maialino

Afternoon Drinks/Oysters: The Standard Grill

Dinner Saturday: Lafayette Grand Cafe

I only took pictures with my cell phone, so a lot are blurry. The wedding celebration on Sunday was a lot of fun. It seems like we were spending so much time catching up with people and having a good time that we forgot to snap pictures. I hate when I do that.

On a completely different note, who is excited for Walking Dead to return soon?!?!!!!  I’m not really loving the spin off show and can’t wait for the original show to come back.  Happy Friday!

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