My favorite natural deodorant.

FullSizeRenderFinding a natural deodorant that works seemed impossible at one point in time. I tried ones by Lavanilla, Meow Meow Tweet, Fig and Yarrow, and Schmidt’s but none of them provided the coverage that I needed. The Lavanilla brand never felt like it was really working after an hour.  The ones by Meow Meow Tweet, Fig and Yarrow, and Schmidt’s would wear off after a few hours too.  Out of the three, the Fig and Yarrow one was the least effective. You can forget about using it during the Summertime.  I gave Agent Nateur a try too.  It definitely worked, but the price tag is steep and it made my armpits break out.  I did find a natural deodorant that I absolutely love and think it works better than the Dove antiperspirant I was using beforehand. Soapwalla sells this natural deodorant that is as good as all the reviews say. I feel comfortable wearing this for any event. Even for attending a wedding, working in an office environment, or heading to the gym. Instead of buying large sizes of every deodorant, I bought sample sizes of most.  That way I could test them all to see which one I like the most. I would not recommend product testing something the day of a special event.  If you’re the type of person that sweats a lot and uses CertainDri at night, then natural deodorant might not be for you.  I have very sensitive skin, so I can’t use anything harsh like that.   However, I would definitely say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The Soapwalla deodorant is definitely worth a try.  You have to apply it with your fingertips and sometimes give it a stir during the warm weather, but I don’t mind this at all. Have any of you used natural deodorant before?


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