My Favorite Soapwalla Products.

IMG_7934During the Winter I decided to try all the products that Soapwalla has to offer.  I mean almost all of them.  I didn’t try the pregnancy oil because you would have to be pregnant in order to do that. I bought travel sized everything to sample the brand.  I thought that since I love their natural deodorant so much then I may find some other winners by them.  Let me tell you that I did! While I didn’t necessarily love everything, there was nothing I disliked.  I’m only going to mention the products that I really loved and would consider repurchasing.

Natural Deodorant. Read more about that here.  This is seriously the best natural deodorant I have ever tried and it works too. It’s expensive compared to drugstore deodorant, but worth it in my opinion. I use this stuff every single day and have yet to find another natural deodorant that’s better than this.

The Lavender Mint Lip Balm and Coconut Lime Lip Balm both smell so good and make my mouth water. I like to keep these little gems in my bathroom drawer and apply to my lips when I get out of the shower or a nice bath. Lavender Mint is such a heavenly scent and Coconut Lime feels like a tropical vacation on your lips (if that’s even possible?!).

Almond Luxe Body Polish smells heavenly like an almond macaroon and exfoliates the skin while leaving the skin smooth, soft, and moisturized. I like to use this on my legs and the back of my arms. It seems gentle enough to use along the decolletage if you were to exfoliate your whole body.

Luxurious body oil in Lavender Vanilla Mint or Citrus Almond smell amazing too. Apply one of these to your damp body after drying off from a shower and it will effortlessly sink into skin while making your nose do a happy dance.

Facial Toning Mist Trio comes each with a mini Balancing, Essential, and Hydrating toner sample. I really loved all three toners and couldn’t decide on a favorite out of the three of them. I kind of just decided how my skin felt that day and then chose which one to use depending on the day. The hydrating mist was a particular hero for me when I traveled to  New Zealand and my skin took a beating from being on planes and outdoors so much.

Have any of you tried Soapwalla?


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