Living with keratosis pilaris aka chicken bumps.

If you’re Irish or have sensitive skin, then my guess is that you suffer from keratosis pilaris on the back of your arms like I do. I’ve seen different dermatologists regarding it, but nothing they prescribed helped me. Post college, I was buying Dermadoctor’s pricey KP Duty Scrub and Lotion for years (also available at Sephora here and here). I felt like it was working better than anything the dermatologist ever recommended, but I still wasn’t seeing 100% results. To cut down on cost, I’m experimenting with trying a normal exfoliant on the back of my arms followed by Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin. While it doesn’t seem to give results as good as the Dermadoctor, I think it still works better than anything else I’ve tried. This may be a more cost efficient routine to stick to until the day that I’m professionally photographed in a sleeveless dress.   Which will probably only happen if I’m ever in a wedding party again.


Do any of you suffer from keratosis pilaris? Comment below with any tips or tricks you may have. Thanks!

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