Much love for One Love Organics.

Valentine’s Day was this past weekend and I thought a nice way to celebrate here on the blog would be to share my love for One Love Organics.


The first product I tried by this brand was their Vitamin E Eye Balm available here and here.  They were selling it at Anthropologie’s online beauty section back then and I had just returned from Denver, Colorado. The climate out there really dried out my skin and my eyes were especially taking a toll. I have blepharitis and certain triggers can make it act up more than usual. The dry air in Colorado definitely made it act up and the skin around my eye was super dry and sensitive. One of them was starting to get red on the eyelid and flake and it was not a pretty or comfortable experience. The eye cream I was using at that time was not hydrating or sensitive enough for me. In came One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm to the rescue. I instantly felt relief around my eye area upon application. Within days the redness and dryness cleared up. I love this product so much because it provides moisture without stinging the delicate area surrounding my eyes. I now apply this every single night before bedtime. Sometimes I will use it during the day too depending if I’m testing any other eye products for daytime use.

Another product I love by them is their Skin Savior available here and here.  I used this as a facial cleanser and it was strong enough to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I really love this product, but did not find it was doing anything to combat the facial redness that I experience on my nose and cheeks. I’m almost borderline convinced I’m developing rosacea, so I’ve started to use products that target that instead. However, if you don’t have serious redness problems, then give this a try!

The cleansing sponge available here and here. How cute it this? I got the pink one because the description said it’s good for rosacea and sensitive prone skin which is the category I fit into. I still have to use it, so a review is to come on that.

Their dry shampoo available here, herehere, and here. I LOVE this dry shampoo! It does not build up on my scalp as much like other dry shampoos do and it doesn’t cause any type of itching or irritation. It works really well and is definitely my new favorite dry shampoo. I also find this doesn’t dry out my hair as much as some other brands can.

Last, but not least is their Brand New Day face mask available here and here.  I’ve only used it as an exfoliating face mask so far and have liked the results. I simply add a bit to the palm of my hand and mix in a few drops of warm tap water. Once I get a good powder/water ratio that develops into a paste, I massage it onto my clean damp face and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off. The results are a softer and smoother face. I can especially notice the results around the cheek area of my face along my jawline where dryness can accumulate during the winter time. I’m excited to try this mask mixed with yogurt or honey in the future.

Have you tried One Love Organics? If so, what’s your favorite product that they have to offer?


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