Beautiful candles to add to your home this Spring.


I recently had a coupon to Anthropologie for my anthro club birthday discount. I decided to make the trek to the store in person to sniff all their different candles and decide what smells I like most. I picked out this amazing Apricot & Basil candle that smells delectable. It’s very fresh and brightens my mood without causing headache or smelling artificial. I would burn this in any room of the house, but it’s currently being used in my TV room.  I also find the tin very cute and brightens up any room. I plan on saving the tin when I’m done with the candle to store flowers or makeup brushes.

The Hello Sushine box in the photo above is a fun match box that I saw in the store with all the candles.  I thought this was just too cute to pass up and it’s a lot more attractive than the typical flimsy restaurant style matches. Yes, lighting a match brings me a lot more joy when the box is cute and it does not take multiple tries to light that match.

Not pictured above is the dreamy Voluspa candle in Santiago Huckleberry. I think this is my favorite Voluspa scent. They sell it in all different types of jars, so you can pick the one that suits your needs best. I currently have this on my nightstand and it has my bedroom smelling delicious before bed time.

Another one of my favorite candles is the Way Out Wax Candle in Sage. I first discovered this brand a couple of years ago at Whole Foods, but have recently been re-purchasing their Sage candles directly off their website. I just find sage as such a cleansing, calming, and tranquil smell. It’s great to burn any time of day and a very therapeutic smell to me.

Then onto one candle I really want to try, but have not splurged on yet. The Jo Malone London Wood  Sage  & Sea Salt candle sounds amazing.  I’m thinking it’d be a great bathroom scent and perfect to burn for a bit before heading in for a nice face mask and shower after a long work day.

What are you favorite candles?

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