My experience with REN skincare products.

I’ve been on the hunt for beauty products that can help treat my sensitive skin that’s prone to redness. I wear a daily SPF on my face, but suffer from triggers that people with Rosacea suffer from.  I’ve been using REN skincare products on my face for the past three months to see if this would help improve things for me.  I have noticed a small improvement in the decrease of facial redness, but it hasn’t been eliminated and my skin can still be triggered by certain things. However, it is a lot less reactive than it use to be and looks better than it did before I began using these products.  My skin has really cleared up in the past couple of weeks (*knock on wood*) and I feel like I haven’t had any unsightly zits for almost a whole month now. That is something new to me and amazing. I think REN has something to do with it.


REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Water. This bottle has lasted me over three months.  I use this in the morning when I wake up as a face cleanser for my sensitive skin. I simply apply some to a cotton pad and gently apply it to my face. I don’t like to do anything too harsh on my skin in the morning, so this seems to work well for me. I’ve also used it as second step cleanser at night after using a cleansing oil or on its own if I haven’t worn any makeup that day.  I really like this cleansing water because it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh and ready to apply the next product.  It’s very effortless and easy to use.

REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Balm. I just ran out of my tub of this that has lasted me three months and ordered another one online.  It came with a muslin cloth when I ordered it off the REN website. I use this before bedtime by taking a quarter sized amount of product into my hands and warming it between my palms by gently rubbing them together. Then I’ll gently apply it to my dry face, massaging it in circles for about 30 seconds and following that with some gentle tapping . After this, I lightly wet my hands and start massaging my face for another 30 seconds and lightly tap the face again. This turns the balm into more of a white creamy foam texture and then you can gently start applying it to your eye area. Take a moist cotton ball and apply to the eye area to remove your eye makeup.  Then, take a warm wet muslin cloth and gently use it to remove the rest of the makeup from your face. After this, you can rinse your face with warm water.

REN Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum.  REN Skincare describes this serum as a product that combats redness, calms irritation and boosts skin’s tolerance to environmental aggression. It actively trains skin to be less reactive and keeps it looking younger for longer by protecting it against the causes of premature ageing such as inflammation, redness, dehydration, UV rays, pollution and free radicals.  Since it’s not a cheap product and my first bottle ran out so fast with application twice in one day, I decided to only apply it at nighttime. I definitely saw better results when I used it twice a day,so I’m on the fence about going back to twice daily applications. I really noticed a decrease in red face when I used this in the morning too, so I might go back to doing that. I apply this serum to a clean dry face before the REN Evercalm Day Cream. REN skincare describes this day cream as a moisturizer that combats chronic discomfort, redness and sensitivity to ensure skin glows with renewed health and stays looking younger for longer.  A bottle lasts about 1 month with application morning and night and 2+ months with nighttime only application. I had the same problem with this product as the serum. I love it so much, but have to limit the use of it because twice daily application equals the product running out so fast.  I think these two products work really well together and I would like to continue using them. It’s worth noting that after applying this serum and cream, I still need to moisturize my face with a heavier night time moisturizer/oil or my daily SPF moisturizer.

I really love REN skincare because their products are good quality and designed for people with sensitive skin like me. I definitely don’t think any of these products are miracle workers, but what product is? Someone please tell me! I would say if your main concern is facial redness, then the serum is worth giving a try. If you like it, then you can slowly introduce some of their other products into your skincare routine.  Have any of you tried REN products?



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