My Favorite Cleansing Oil.

My favorite cleansing oil is the Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser. I don’t exactly love the price of it and don’t have many oil cleansers to compare it against, but a bottle of this stuff will last me almost an entire year. Before trying this product, I was experimenting at home with removing makeup with Organic Coconut Oil. While I love the idea of that, it was aggravating my blepharitis and sensitive eyes. I noticed that coconut oil around the eye area can cause a feeling of cloudiness in my eyes.

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Back to discussing the Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser.  The Tata website says you can use this in the AM & PM.  I tend to use it at night to remove my makeup as a first step cleanser.  I’ll put a pump or two of the oil into my hands, rub it in between my fingers and then gently massage it into the dry skin of my face using a circular motion for a few seconds. Then I’ll lightly wet my hands and start massaging my wet hands onto my face to create more of a lather out of the oil for another 30 seconds or so with some gentle tapping on the face too. This is when I’ll start to very gently mix the oil/water mixture over my eyes and use a cotton ball to remove the makeup from my eye area and a cotton pad , facecloth, or muslin cloth for the face. If any eye makeup is too stubborn to come off, then I’ll apply a drop of oil directly to the eyelash area and massage it gently.  I continue to remove any excess with cotton balls. I’ll then rinse my face with warm water. After finishing this, I sometimes second cleanse with another cleanser. Ones I’ve used in conjunction with this oil so far are Cetaphil , Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser, Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser, Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser, or REN Cleansing Water. Sometimes I skip the second cleanse all together. It honestly just depends how dry my skin is feeling and if I feel like my pores need a little extra deep cleaning or not. I feel like this cleansing oil removes makeup so much better than cold cream, makeup removing wipes, and other face washes. It’s gentle and makes makeup removal so effortless. Since this stuff is like liquid gold quality, I wouldn’t suggest traveling with it in fear of the beautiful glass bottle breaking.  I tend to lean towards using it when I want to remove makeup as fast as possible.  For instance, after a night of drinks or if my skin is feeling extra dry when I’ve been wearing my makeup from early morning to late in evening.   I usually use the REN products on a more daily basis that I mentioned in this post because it is more soothing for my facial redness. If I didn’t suffer from facial redness so much, I’d probably use this Tata Oil Cleanser on a more regular basis.

Have any of you tried an oil cleanser before and do you recommend any other ones for me to try?

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