My Favorite Fitness Channels on YouTube.

Is anyone else obsessed with YouTube like me? I LOVE it. I have two shaky videos from Iceland posted on my channel, but I’ve been thinking/hoping to add more better quality videos in the future.

I think I go on YouTube almost everyday to get in my at home daily workout. I decided to round up some of my favorite Fitness YouTubers in this post.

First up is Yoga With Adriene. This Texan Yogi is my favorite. Adriene is so down to earth in her videos and makes you feel like you’re one of her friends. Her mantra is Find What Feels Good which I strongly believe in and love. She loves to allude to jokes about drinking whisky, throwing in a Hey-o, talking about her dog Benji, and encouraging Yogis to go at their own speed.

My other favorite fitness channel on YouTube is Tone It Up. Karena and Katrina know how to kick your booty into shape. I see the best results in my body when I follow the Tone It Up workout calendar religiously.  I don’t always do that because it interferes with Adriene’s  mantra to listen to your body. So I typically do a mixture of these two channels as my regular workouts.  They have great HIIT, weighted workouts, and kettle toning.

Two other noteworthy YouTubers are Blogilates and SarahBethYoga.  They both have great videos for free! I did Blogilates to get into shape for my wedding and honeymoon.  At my wedding, my friends complimented me on how great my back looked in my strapless dress. I suffer from scoliosis, so this was a great compliment to receive! I basically do SarahBethYoga when I feel like it. She has a really great video for shoulder and neck pain that you can get to by clicking here. In addition to that, she has a whole playlist on it too!

I hate running so much, so I like doing these yoga, pilates, weight training, and HIIT videos on YouTube for my exercise. It’s great that they can all be done from the comfort of your own home and don’t require paying for a gym membership.  I quit my gym this year because every time I went there was no room anywhere to do my free weights. In addition to that, there would usually be a wait to get the weights I needed.  I get a better workout following these videos for free! It’s also great because your workout time is less since you aren’t spending time commuting to/from a gym. I will admit that I miss going to the Yoga Studio in person, but spending over $100/month on a Yoga Membership just isn’t realistic for me right now.

Do any of you use YouTube to workout? Who are your favorite Fitness YouTubers?


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Fitness Channels on YouTube.

  1. I agree about YwA – love her! I can’t do yoga without her actually. I am torn about Blogilates as I like some of the videos but I find Cassey quite chipper and somewhat irritating.

    I personally hate TIU though. I find the videos incredibly sexualized and more focused on specific female body parts than proper form. I honestly have to wonder who the intros are catered to…women? I don’t particularly care to see barely dressed women rolling around in the sand and frolicking in infinity pools.

    YouTube is definitely my “go-to” for workouts though!

    1. Thank you for your comment Scarletpen28! I have seen similar complaints online about Blogilates and TIU. Some of their workouts totally kick my ass, so it’s a good challenge for me. Do you recommend any other Fitness Stations on YouTube? Thanks!

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