Depuffing Your Face and Eye Area with Cucumber Ice Cubes.

Does anyone else get puffy eyes from lack of sleep or allergies? What about a puffy face from a hangover or a salty meal the night before?  If so, then making at home cucumber ice cubes might be something for you to consider trying out.


It’s quite easy. All you need is an ice cube tray, a cucumber, and fresh water. These feel so refreshing on the face and it’s a super affordable beauty routine too.

Directions to make the ice cubes:

Finely chop up about half an english cucumber or regular cucumber. If you have a food processor, you could use this to finely chop it. If not, no worries. Manual is OK too.

Evenly distribute the chopped cucumber throughout an ice cube tray.

Pour water over the cucumber in the tray.

Freeze until solid. I like to take mine out when they’re all frozen and put them in a freezer safe Ziplock bag to be stored in the freezer until use.


Directions on how to use the ice cubes:

Take one ice cube out of the freezer and wrap it in a muslin cloth or thin facecloth.

Use a rounded cloth covered edge of the ice cube to slowly pat on your face.

I like to start around my chin/jaw area and work it in an outwards direction on my face. Slowly working my way out and up.

For the eye area, switch the direction in which you pat the ice cube going towards the center of the face. I like to hold it gently over the eye area for a few seconds alternating between eyes back and forth for further relief.

Repeat as many times as desired. I find it takes a couple of minutes for the cold of the ice cube to soak through to the muslin cloth and penetrate my skin.

*Please note: Do not rub. Gently pat.

You can get as creative as you want with these ice cubes. You could add rose water or aloe to them, make turmeric ones, or even green tea ones!

I find these cucumber ice cubes so soothing that I may use them on a hot day for relief from the heat.

Have any of you given at home beauty ice cubes a try before?

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