Lidey’s Every Morning Breakfast Cups.

I have a love for all things Ina Garten. It is my dream to work for her as a recipe tester and assistant. One of her assistants named Lidey runs her own food blog among many other things and every recipe I’ve made by her has been a success. Today I’m here to share with you my success making her Every Morning Breakfast Cups.2F06E388-B8CD-44AF-8B5B-35C640FF4AA0They were a hit with the family this morning and my son oooooooooooohed over them upon taking them out of the oven. I omitted the Pumpkin Seeds so they’d be easier for my 20 month old to eat. I served a small side of avocado and slow cooked scrambled eggs because I love a big breakfast. I agree with Lidey that this would also make a great snack or portable breakfast. I love that these aren’t dry like a lot of other baked oatmeal recipes I’ve tried and the banana isn’t overpowering the dish. You could probably sub in raisins, craisins, or some other dried fruit into these for the dates. I think these would also be delicious with some unsweetened crushed up dried coconut added to them.  Head over to Lidey’s blog here for the recipe!

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