Oskia Skincare Love Continues. New and Old Favorites.

I love Oskia Skincare. They’re a luxury skincare line out of the UK that really deliver with their products. I have said this many times before here on the blog, but the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is one of my holy grail face washes. It’s a gel cleanser that comes in a beautiful salmon color and goes onto dry skin. Once I’m done massaging it into my face using Lisa Eldridge’s technique, I add a little water to emulsify the product before rinsing with a warm, damp face cloth. Afterwards my skin is lightly exfoliated, dewy, plumped, firmer, and much healthier looking. This face wash works tremendously well on my fair, dry, extremely sensitive and rosacea prone skin. It also helps keep hormonal acne at bay. I feel a lot more confident in my skin after using it and feel like it gives me such a healthy glow.  I should note that I do not spend 20 minutes massaging my face at night like Lisa. I just don’t have the time. I usually spend about 1 minute massaging my face at night.

The Oskia Renaissance Mask is beautiful and also leaves my skin looking so dewy, plump, and healthy. I like to use this mask after I’ve used their Renaissance Cleansing Gel.


Two new to me products (pictured above) by the brand that I’ve started to use in December are the Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm and Renaissance Brightlight Serum. I have to say that I love this exfoliating balm. I would only suggest using it at night time before bed because it can leave your face a bit red, but after using it your face is glowing and as soft as a baby’s bottom come morning. I’ve also been using the Brightlight Serum at bedtime. I don’t suffer from hyperpigmentation or dark spots, but I got this serum in hopes it would help with some of my old acne scars, any potential sun damage I have, plump and brighten my face. I have to say that this is helping with fading my old acne scars (I only have red scars, not deep ones). It also helps contribute to plumping, firming, and illuminating my skin. I can definitely notice a difference in how radiant my skin looks when I wake up. I need all the help I can get with my little sleep and time for self care. This Serum has definitely helped in bringing life back to my face.

I even bought a small bottle of one of their serums for a Yankee Swap I went to with my girlfriends and really hoping the gift recipient is enjoying the product! This brand really is a winner. Have any of you tried Oskia Skincare yet? They’re selling them at some US retailers like Nordstrom now so they should be easier to purchase minus the price tag.

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