Burlington, VT July 2012 – Where I saw more beers than bears.

After our hike at Camel’s Hump State Park, we made our way to One of a Kind Bed & Breakfast in Burlington to check in to the Carpe Diem Cottage and freshen up.

We were starving from our hike earlier that day, so Kraig grabbed a pizza from American Flatbread  while I got ready for our night out. After we finished stuffing our faces eating, we headed over to the VT Brewfest.  Things started to get blurry.

The fest was right on Lake Champlain so you could enjoy the view while taste testing.

Everyone loves beer!

We stopped by Nectars after the brewfest with the drunk munchies to try their infamous Gravy Fries and see where Phish started out as a band. There was definitely an older crowd at this bar. I’m not sure if it’s because there was a Grateful Dead cover band playing while we were there or if that’s the general scene.  We were pretty pooped from the day so we went back to our BnB for some RnR.

The next day we woke up and enjoyed breakfast outside in the yard with a beautiful view of Lake Champlain.

We made a trip to the farmers market in town to pick up some local cheese, wine, bread, and pastries. Don’t let this picture fool you. There were no vegetables purchased here. We have a weekly CSA pickup, so I wasn’t going to waste my time being healthy on vacation. 😉

We also enjoyed some burgers and beers for  lunch at VT Pub & Brewery.  Yum!

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the beach.  They seem to be very lenient about boozing on the beach in VT. I saw a ton of people with non-concealed open containers.

We had a wine and cheese hour back at our place

and then headed for dinner at Pistou.  Pistou is a unique restaurant that has a menu that changes daily. It’s pretty pricey so be prepared!

I wanted to get back to our place in time to watch the sunset from our lawn chairs, so we spent the night sipping wine and watching boats go by. It was a perfect relaxing evening.

The next day we grabbed the best iced coffee I’ve ever had from The Uncommon Ground and delicious jumbo sized sandwiches from The Red Onion before hitting the road back to Boston.   I think I enjoyed our monster sandwiches from this place more than our fancy dinner at Pistou the night before.  It seems like the key to VT is keeping it casual. I know I say this every time I go somewhere (except Mexico), but I’ll be back!  It seems like camping around here would be a lot of fun.

Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip. I took a TON of pictures of the view from the bed and breakfast we were staying at because it was just so breathtaking to me and reminded me of one of my favorite places. I bet you can all guess where that is! 😉

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5 thoughts on “Burlington, VT July 2012 – Where I saw more beers than bears.

  1. I LOVE Burlington! My husband went to school in Northfield, so we’d head up from time to time. It’s such a great little city. If you’re interested in camping near a beer scene in VT, I’d recommend Gifford State Park, near Killington. Within a decent drive, you can hit the Harpoon brewery, Long Trail brewery, Cabot cheese outlet, Quechee Gorge, and get in some great scenery. It’s where we got engaged, so I’m a little biased 🙂

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