Big Sur Day 2 – 8/29/2012.

Day 2 of our Cali trip and I woke up to this view in the morning.  One of the nice things about staying in Big Sur besides the gourmet food and ocean views is the no cell phone service. It was a blessing in disguise to enjoy our engagement the first night without having contact with the outside world.

We had a leisurely breakfast at Treebones and then hit the road for some more sightseeing.

We made a pit stop at Big Sur Bakery for lunch and some treats. I got the Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich and Kraig got the Smoked Salmon. I also had to get a sweet treat from this bakery so I bought a chocolate chip scone and a mixed fruit danish. The danish was out of this world delicious with an in season mix of berries for the filling. Their were also homemade donuts being sold here, but I couldn’t buy everything on the menu. I will get a Big Sur Donut the next time I travel there! This place has a very laid back atmosphere (minus the INTENSE manager training a poor young girl on our visit). I wanted to eat every meal here, but that wasn’t realistic because it was a 40+ minute drive from our hotel. We had shotty cell phone service in Big Sur, but noticed that we got reception on our lunch break. We took this opportunity to call our immediate family and some close friends to share our ENGAGEMENT NEWS. 🙂

After about an hour and a half of phone calls we decided the rest of the world could wait because we wanted to explore more in the area.  We headed to Julia Pfeiffer State Park to walk around. We actually went to this Park earlier in the day too, but the lighting was off in the morning, so we came back later in day for better pictures.

On our drive back to the resort we noticed a lot of people on the side of the road pointing out to the ocean. We pulled over to get a glimpse of what was going on and saw tons of whales shooting air through their blowholes! It was a pretty amazing sight and I didn’t even have to go on a Whale Watch to see something like this.

When we got back to the resort, we enjoyed some beers at the pool/hot tub area for a while. Showered up and then watched the sunset again. 🙂

We stayed at Treebones for dinner which was nice because it didn’t involve any driving.  Driving on the Pacific Coast Highway at night can be spooky.  Here’s some more pictures from our second day in Big Sur. Enjoy!

Next up…our last day in Big Sur and our time in Monterey/Carmel.

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