California Dreamin’ – Big Sur Day 1 – 8/28/2012.

It seems like Kraig and I were waiting forever for our big trip to California. I couldn’t wait to drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in our convertible with a scarf wrapped around my head, vintage looking sunglasses, and the wind in our hair. We flew into San Francisco, picked up our car rental, stopped in Monterey to pick  up our sleeping rentals from REI, then made a pit stop for lunch at Compagno’s. This was a random find for us and their sandwiches were a killer monster size. The man working there was also very friendly with a quirky personality. They had amazing looking homemade cakes, but I wasn’t allowing myself any cake since we had a nice dinner reservation planned for that evening. Plus look how big their sandwiches are! I will admit that I kind of regret not getting the cake since I still have the Oreo one on my mind. ha. This is definitely not my type of sandwich. Too big and sloppy, but we were desperate for food at that time.


With full bellies, it was time for us to hit the road to BIG SUR!

This was the most jaw-dropping part of our whole trip to California. Nothing can compare to this area

This is our last picture as a couple before we got engaged hours later!

We also had a pretty sick ride for the week.

We made our way down to where we were staying at Treebones Resort. We stayed in the Sibley Tent and rented mattress pads/sleeping bags from REI for our stay there. The Sibley Tent has privacy and a great view of the ocean.  We were enjoying the sunset with red wine at our glamp site before Kraig got down on one knee to propose to me!

I said Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finished off our evening with a wonderful dinner at Deetjen’s. Details on the rest of our trip to come soon. Here’s a picture gallery from the first day of our trip. I didn’t include every picture because I wanted to spare you all.

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