Carmel – 8/30/2012.

We made it to Carmel and checked into Lobos Lodge which is right in downtown Carmel. Perfect for walking to the local shops and restaurants. We didn’t really take any pictures this night, but we had dinner at AW Shucks. We both got margaritas, oysters, and the fish tacos. The food was fresh and the service was fast. We asked our waitress for a nearby bar to get a beer at and she recommended a place that was a little too fancy for what we were going for at the time, so we ended up stumbling upon Brophy’s which reminded us of a bar we use to hangout at in college, but with an older age group. We ended up making friends with two locals at the bar until I told one of the guys that works at a golf course that I think Robert Pattinson is a bigger celebrity than Tiger Woods.  🙂 This is the only picture I can find from our first day/night in Carmel. I had the bartender take a picture of us because one of the guys reminded me of someone Kraig and I know back home. For those of you Hingham people that know me in real life – it was the guy all the way to the right. Who do you think he looks like?

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