August 31, 2012 – Undah da sea.

Our second day in the Carmel area started off with breakfast at Happy Girl Kitchen. Happy Girl uses fresh ingredients to make things like homemade plum cinnamon jam. We got cappuchinos, a yogurt parfait, and toast with jam.

We headed to The Monterey Aquarium next which semi put the Boston aquarium to shame. There was a psychedelic groovy display of different types of jellyfish

and you could also get very close to the penguins!

The view outside the aquarium was impressive too. We took so many pictures on this day that it’s hard to pick and choose which ones to share on here.

We left the Aquarium very hungry and on the search for food so we ended up at Sea Harvest Fish Market for lunch (thank you yelp phone app). I got the fish and chips which was decent, but not the best. This is definitely a no frills type of place.

Next up was driving through the area to sight see and do the 17 mile drive. You have to pay a few dollars to enter the 17 mile drive, but it’s a fun experience. I was disappointed that a lot of the rich people had fences blocking their property so I couldn’t ooh and ahhh at the mansions I expected to see, but there was some nice scenery to check out. It’s fun because most of the people on the road are doing the same thing as you = being a tourist, so you don’t have to worry about being tailgated or anything. 🙂 I was trying to hide my eyeglasses, but you can still see them in my hand!

The world famous Lone Cypress! All by  herself getting photographed everyday. Must get old.


After our drive, we went back to our place to freshen up and then headed for dinner at Dametra Cafe. Our hotel was walking distance to the restaurant, so we walked around town before dinner. Notice I’m showing off my ring hand. I know, I know. You know you love it!

We were a few minutes early for our reservation, so we actually got wine from a wine shop right next door. If you don’t finish your wine in time for your dinner reservation, then you can bring your glass over to the restaurant. The wine shop had a fun, friendly, classy party atmosphere. I will admit paying $ for a wine tasting is not something I’m use to, but things are more expensive in this area. I’m use to my free tastings in MA at Elli’s wine cellar and Dave’s Fresh Pasta! Once we were seated at our table, we were transported to a land with singing, music, and dancing. The men working there try to get all the women up and dancing, but I left that to the bachelorette party and real housewives of the OC to do during my visit there.

Kraig was unsure about his big glass of wine.

Then he started to accept his fate.

And enjoying it!

We both really enjoyed our experience here including the food. Goodnight Carmel! We’ll be back tomorrow.

Here are more pictures from the day. Enjoy!

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