Caribbean blue gingham popover paired with a necklace actually made in the Caribbean.

A few years ago when I visited Antigua with Kraig, I purchased this fuchsia necklace on one of the Antiguan beaches.  I basically got bullied into buying it by the seller, but it matched the bathing suit I was wearing that day and I still wear it on occasion, so I’m glad I got it.


Panama hat by Vitamin A available here.

Fuchsia Necklace purchased on the beaches of Antigua.

Caribbean Blue checked shirt available here.

I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of wear out of this panama hat this summer to protect my skin from the rays on my lunch break and commute. The only problem I face is hat head when I get into my office building. I’m wondering what a solution could be to that. Leave a comment if you have any low maintenance tips. Thanks!

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