Iceland in May 2015 ~ Day 2. The Golden Circle.

The second day in Iceland started with breakfast from a local bakery named Sandholt.  The pastry and quiche were absolutely delicious. The food was fresh and very indulgent. Just the type of thing you want to eat for breakfast everyday when you’re on vacation.IMG_2409

Afterwards, we started our adventure for the day to drive The Golden Circle route. It was a wonderful way to spend the day on KRAIG’S BIRTHDAY!





Seeing the Geysir Strokkur was super cool.


This had steam coming out of it until out of nowhere you see a shot of water explode into the air. It put a smile on the faces of tourists of all ages. There were children there admiring this in addition to adults with reactions like a little kid. It’s definitely a fun thing to explore if something like this is new to you.


Here’s a short video of it in action!

We also saw the amazing Gullfoss waterfall below.

IMG_2365 IMG_2384 IMG_2369 IMG_2366

I feel like these pictures do not give Iceland justice of its true beauty. Everything is just so jaw-dropping.  It is so amazing to see beautiful waterfall after waterfall on so many occasions while you’re driving.


We ended our day of adventure with a visit to a natural hot spring named Gamla laugin. I liked this one a lot more than The Blue Lagoon. The water was nice and warm, but not scorching and the atmosphere was laid back. I did not witness any nudity inside the hot springs in case you were curious. I did see a lot more of it in the women’s locker room here than at Blue Lagoon because there was less space. However, the amenities were very clean and Europeans do not seem to care about that sh*t.




We went back to our apartment to freshen up and then had dinner at Kol. This restaurant is considered fancy for Iceland and we had great service.


Day 2 was a success in Iceland!

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