My Favorite Eye Makeup Remover ~ Om Aroma Co Organic Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil.

Say goodbye to face wipes that are harsh on your delicate eye area and gunky cold cream that leaves eyelids feeling clogged and cloudy. Say hello to my favorite eye makeup remover  The Om Aroma & Co Organic Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil.  I’ve mentioned before on the blog that using plain Coconut Oil upsets my Blepharitis and makes my eyes feel cloudy.  This Om Aroma Oil effortlessly removes eye makeup without pulling the skin or aggravating it. I apply a couple of drops to the palm of my hand and then gently massage it around my eye area with clean fingers to remove my eye and brow makeup. I then dip an oval shaped cotton pad into the remaining oil on my hands and pat it around my eyes to remove the rest of the eye makeup. After this is done, I follow my normal nighttime skincare routine of washing my face, applying serum, moisturizer, and oil, etc. It looks like the company is switching names, so don’t be confused if you click on my link above and it takes you to


Here are additional product details from The Om Aroma Website:omeyeoil


I’m very lucky and never really had a problem with short eyelashes, but definitely feel like this oil used in conjunction with my favorite top lash mascara helps keep them in great condition.  It’s also worth noting that a bottle of this oil will last you several months so you don’t need to worry about $32 worth of product running out fast. Eye makeup removal is almost effortless with this product and feels very hydrating and silky smooth. I recommend this to anyone that wears eye makeup and cares about what ingredients are put on your face. It’s especially great for people with  sensitive skin and eyes like me. Trust me and try it. It will change your eye makeup removal routine for life.  Comment below with what your favorite eye makeup removal products are.

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