A September Update.

This past week has been a bit busy, but in a good way.  We went to a wedding in Maine on the 10th, saw Adele in Boston on the 15th at the TD Garden, then spent all of last weekend in Hull for a family weekend.

The wedding was a lot of fun. Too much fun is what I told the concierge upon checkout. 😉



My dress is by Flynn Skye available here.



Adele was so unbelievably amazing. It was the best concert and performance I’ve seen in my life and totally worth the expensive price tag because it was the best experience I’ve had all year and the most fun I’ve had in long time.   I think the last time I had so much fun is when I went to Iceland in May of 2015. Adele is so talented and I absolutely love all her songs, her voice, and that she is a positive female role model for women and girls.  It sends a message that you can be successful without fitting a specific mold of what the media tells you to be. Granted she definitely has an image, but at least it’s not a scantily clothed stick figure one. Okay, okay, enough about that. My college major in Communication is coming out. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to see Adele, then DO it. She is the best. Listening to her CDs on repeat the past few days has me yearning to go back to London! I can’t find any affordable airfares at this moment though.


A view from Nantasket Beach last weekend. I had a wonderful weekend spending quality time with family which is something I truly cherish.


Hoping to have a new beauty post up this week and that you’re all enjoying these last days of Summer!

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