Organic Skincare with Savor Beauty.

Savor Beauty is an organic skincare company that I discovered when they formerly went by the name of Om Aroma Company. I fell in love with their makeup remover that I blogged about here and slowly started trying out more of their products.


The Pearl Cleansing Cream has tiny exfoliating beads in it and is great for my sensitive skin. I use this at night time after cleansing my face with an oil or gel cleanser. It cleans the face without making the skin feel tight or stripped of its nutrients. After cleansing, I lightly towel dry my face and use a few spritz of their Lavender Toner on my face. This toner helps keep the pores clean and decongested.  It  feels calming and refreshing upon spraying.  Next up is whatever serum I feel like using. I strongly recommend purchasing their Mini Beauty Serum Trio so you can try all three and find which one you like most.  I tend to use the Raspberry Serum during the day for extra sun protection and rotate nights of using the Carrot and Pumpkin ones. I found these all blend quite well into my foundation. I simply mix a drop in with my foundation before applying to my face for a little extra glow. After serum, I apply the Truffle Face Cream to lock in moisture. I have extremely dry skin and this moisturizer has worked really well for me. I typically use it at night time. Since Savor Beauty  was having a sale when I did my little online haul, I bought their Sweet Baby Oil too. I like to slather this stuff on after I get out of the shower. I either apply it directly to my skin and follow with a layer of regular body moisturizer or mix in a few drops with my body moisturizer and then apply. It has such a nice soothing smell and I just love it. My bottle is about to run out, so I may need to repurchase soon.  Have any of you tried Savor Beauty yet? What are some of your favorite Organic Skincare brands?

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