Oskia Get Up & Glow Serum.

I’ve raved about Oskia Skincare on my blog here several times (here, here, and here). I have not tried one single product by this company that I do not love and the Renaissance Cleansing Gel is my absolute favorite facial cleanser. Today I’m here to tell you about their Oskia Get Up & Glow Radiance & Energy Booster Serum. This serum is formulated with Vitamin E, Minerals: MSM & Zinc, Ribose, Butterbur, Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid, and Milk Peptides. It brightens and brings life back to your skin to produce a more healthy natural dewy glow.

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From the Oskia Website: “Enriched with patented anti-age ingredients, health-boosting nutrients, polypeptides & floral extracts, OSKIA’s unique nutritional approach actively brightens and firms, evens skin tone, smoothes the appearance of fine lines, protects against everyday environmental, seasonal and lifestyle damage, while also improving cell health for long term benefits. This refreshing serum leaves skin looking revitalized, healthier and smoother with a youthful, radiant glow. It can be used underneath moisturiser for an unbeatable anti-ageing and health boosting effect, or patted over makeup to perk up & brighten skin.”

To use: I make sure my face is clean and dry, spritz on my facial mist and let that set in for a few seconds, and then pat in the Oskia Get Up & Glow Serum on my face and neck. I let this sink into my skin for a minute or so until it’s fully absorbed and then apply a layer of my daily moisturizer and eye cream. This layers beautifully under my moisturizer and makeup and makes my skin look healthier, moisturized, glowing, and more awake. I notice the most dramatic difference when I only layer moisturizer over it versus leaving this step out of my skincare routine. I also find that it works wonderfully to keep my skin looking healthy when applying makeup. It’s especially great for those days your skin might be lackluster from a hangover, dehydration, or a bad night of sleep. I’ve been using it everyday this Spring and noticed that when I wear it people compliment me on my “glow”, but it’s really this product! I love it so much that I now have an empty bottle that I’m hoping to replenish soon.

*Note you can also pat this on over makeup like a liquid highlighter, but I haven’t tried it this way. I always layer it under my moisturizer and use regular makeup highlighter for that type of effect.

Have any of you tried Oskia Skincare yet?


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